Imagine being an investor—someone fascinated by dissecting businesses and financials, delving into macro trends, and running backtests to inform investment decisions.

Now, let's say you decide to explore the world of electric vehicles. You delve into the industry landscape, study the technology, and before you know it, you've spiralled down a rabbit hole, ending up on Google asking, "How does a car work?" After a couple of hours, realizing why engineering wasn't your calling, you take a breather and head to the movies.

But even there, amid overpriced popcorn and a theater barely filled to 20% capacity, your investor's mind kicks in, pondering, "How on earth do they make a profit?" Fast forward to the next day, and you find yourself immersed in research about cars and theaters.

Value Tortoise? It's an investment newsletter that, well, sometimes seems to wander off the investing path. I'm Dhruv Maniyar, the human behind the website, and a former buy-side equity analyst.

Whether I'm dissecting businesses, exploring industry landscapes, or even contemplating the economics of popcorn at the movies, each tangent somehow weaves back into the world of investing. Well, I certainly hope for it to. Because at its core, investing isn't just about crunching numbers or analyzing market trends in isolation. It's about understanding the world around us.

What I am trying to say, is that if you're looking for an investing newsletter that's not afraid to go off-topic, you should consider subscribing!

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I like to think that I run an investing newsletter but I end up writing on everything from sports to cinema to sustainability to mental models!